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Friday Link Party – Summer Kickoff

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To me, Memorial Day weekend is like a kickoff for the summer.

The calendar says there is nearly another month of Spring, but the weather is getting warm, gas grills are fired up, and baseball has started. So, I’m pretty sure the calendar is wrong on this one – it’s officially summer.

Here at customedialabs, we have been kicking off a lot more than just summer.

For one, what do you think of the new blog layout?  Nice, huh?  It’s just the beginning of some upcoming blog updates we’re working on.

In the meantime, it seems like new projects are getting started every day.  For new clients and long-time partners, we have a lot of work coming up.   We’re excited to begin this new season of growth and improvement!

Before we move forward, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite recent news stories.

  1. My favorite news source, the Penguin Place Post, has a breaking story this morning.  The Japanese Fugitive Penguin has been caught. I also believe the Post’s assumption that the penguin was not captured – he surrendered.
  2. Ilias sent this QR code campaign, that can only be viewed when the sun is in just the right spot.  What a bright idea!
  3. Ilias also shared the next great chapter in the hunter and bear series.  It goes really far back, so keep playing to see more videos!
  4. Ilias thinks we should have one of these in each of our offices.  I agree.
  5. Feel stuck at your current job?  (Come work for customedialabs!) Or check out these 8 beliefs that are stalling your career, that Debbi shared.
  6. Evi wanted to take a moment to say “Bon Voyage!” to the space shuttle Discovery.  It look its final flight last month – strapped to the back of a modified jet.  It’s a video you’ll definitely want to check out.
  7. Kyriaki found a sad story about two baby girls switched at birth.  (And she sent it to me – 8 months pregnant…) Luckily, the story has an ending about as happy as possible given the circumstances!
  8. Kyriaki also shared an interesting story about how phone data gives relationship insights.  Who calls more – men or women?  Read this story to find out.
  9. I’m sure you’ve seen the Time breastfeeding cover article.  But Regina shared this interesting spin on it that reframes the debate by asking, “is print really dead?”
  10. Did you miss our latest few blog articles? Maria wrote about 6 mHealth Statistics for Mobile Inspiration.
  11. And Sotiris shared insights (and a code snippet!) to help you separate hard and soft bounces.
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