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Friday Link Party – Deadlines

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Every week in this Friday blog post, I try to capture a sense of our week here at customedialabs.  This week, like many other weeks, the first word to pop in my head was “busy”.

There are always new clients, new projects, and new deadlines.  Depending on what stage projects are in, at least someone on our team is always very, very busy.

But at some point the word “busy” stops being an accurate description of what we do because it ignores why we are here.

Deadlines are not just arbitrary marks on a calendar.  We understand that our clients are working on important, big things that in some cases, could literally change the world.  We feel their urgency.  Missing a deadline would mean that another day has passed where the world stayed the same.  And that’s not ok.

So, it’s not just an email or a website or a mobile app that we are working on.  We are working to inspire change.  Because even if a client makes the greatest invention in the world – somehow the world has to hear about it.

  1. Why do you need a marketing partner that knows what they are doing? Evi tells you in her latest blog post!
  2. Evi loves New York and shoes.  So naturally, she’s been reading about shoes in the New Yorker.  But even if you don’t share her loves, this article about Christian Louboutin and psychology of shoes is a really interesting read.
  3. Our Creative Director, John Magas, shared the latest innovation from Microsoft.  It’s called Illumishare, and it allows people to interact with physical objects remotely.
  4. Sotiris shared this article about Adobe AIR applications on both iOS and Android devices.  Think it’s got some good information? Tell him! (He wrote it!)
  5. The Twitter bird has a name?! Apparently, it’s Larry.  Thanks to Maria G. for sharing!
  6. Maria also shared this “sweet video about the love story of an octopus, somewhere on a Greek island” – add this to the list of things I couldn’t possibly make up.  But also watch the video, because it is seriously adorable.
  7. Got a cut?  Instead of just covering it with a bandaid, why not start the process of helping someone at the same time?  From a smart healthcare company and an ad exec’s idea, the “Help, I’ve cut myself & I want to save a life” bandage kit is a smart invention.
  8. TED’s top 10 “Ads worth spreading” definitely are.  What makes a great ad? It tells a story.
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