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Friday Link Party – Go tell it on the mountain

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We’ve had a recurring theme in a few of our recent client meetings.  They have done something new and are excited to tell the world!  Now!  They want to shout it from a mountain top! It’s time to get this message “out there”!

We understand the excitement.  Their new company/product/partnership is really awesome!

But a lot of times, we advise them to wait a minute.

Shouting it from a mountain top only guarantees one thing: a sore throat.  It’s important to make sure their message is the right one, and that the right audience is going to hear it, through the right medium.

It can be tough to slow down when you are excited about something new.  But we promise – spreading your message the right way is always the best way.

And now for this week’s link party!

  1. Did you see Maria P.’s blog?  She wrote about 5 mistakes to avoid when going mobile.  If you are thinking about creating a mobile campaign, you don’t want to miss this!
  2. Ilias found this amazing idea from Mercedes-Benz to help people find parking spots.  How many times have you driven in circles for an hour or more trying to find a spot in the middle of the city?  If only the Tweet Fleet was in every city….
  3. Our Hollywood report this week comes from Amanda.  Did you see Jessica Simpson’s bare bellyDid you hear Snooki is definitely pregnant and engaged?
  4. Amanda also shared our feel-good story of the week.  Brazilian beach goers rescued 30 dolphins that managed to get themselves stuck.  They were all saved.
  5. Kyriaki was following the latest Apple announcements this week.  She was watching coverage of the iPad 3 here.  And she is also excited about Apple TV.
  6. It’s a knitting mystery! (How often do you hear that??) Kyriaki also shared this slideshow of a London knitter (aka that “Yarnbomber”) who left Olympic-themed figures all over a pier.
  7. Our Creative Director, John Magas, shared this great campaign from STIHL.  The “Get Real, Get Outdoors” campaign is not what you would expect from a chainsaw manufacturer!
  8. So this next link may not be safe for work due to foul language… Still reading? Great! Then check out Evi’s video for the Dollar Shave Club.
  9. Evi also shared 20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns.  They are all pretty fantastic.
  10. Maria G. shared two new devices that you didn’t even know you needed.  The first is the Cotton Candy USB Stick, which turns any screen into your favorite operating system.  The second is the Document Extractor, which lets you literally print your screen from your monitor.
  11. And if you think you are brave, this video might be the true test.  Maria G. also shared what it is like to ride the Vanish rollercoaster. Does it scare or excite you?
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