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DEVit, the 360° Web Development Conference

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The DEVit conference is a big event organized in Thessaloniki, Greece every year and is a must for all developers and professionals that are involved in 360° development focusing on Frontend, Backend, DevOps and Mobile.

The Annual DEVit Conference for 2016 was held on May 20th and customedialabs was there to learn about the latest trends, meet and discuss with experts, evangelists and masterminds. It was well attended, which is not surprising considering the lineup of speakers; young professionals from all over the world, ready to share their passion and expertise.


Some DEVit highlights

Among many tracks the ones that caught our attention were:

  • Maintenance of open source projects and how to achieve stability and scalability
    Brendan Forster, from GitHub, presented ways to succeed on projects, things that cause projects to fail and shared some thoughts on what the future holds for creating sustainable open source project.
  • The importance of Test Driven Development and how to build robust software
    Yegor Bugayenko, the CTO and co-founder of Teamed.io, made an excellent presentation about stability and scalability in projects. He demonstrated, with practical Java examples, the difference between Fail Fast and Fail Safe, what each one means and how Fail Fast helps us make software more stable.
  • Frontend technologies like Angular, React, Vorlon and many more
    Forbes Lindesay, from Facebook, talked about how difficult it is to make sure your web app works on every device and every browser. He showed great examples of ways to ensure that your site works properly even when JavaScript is not enabled.

Also, Soledad Penades from Mozilla, presented a better and more efficient way to capture, play, alter and encode video and audio streams, without using servers or plugins.

Etienne Margraff from Microsoft, showed great examples of efficient debugging, using open source tools to remotely debug websites and processes.

  • The importance of data and design ethics
    Laura Kalbag, Co-founder of Ind.ie, approached design and development in a very different way. She presented the importance of responsible design and development and the value of data that we collect every day from our websites using third party scripts.

It was a great experience to be among talented and motivated people like us. We all share the same passion to achieve and learn more. Conferences are what you make of them. The key point is to take responsibility for getting value from the experience so that you gather knowledge, grow, and become a better professional.

We thank Christos Bacharakis for the photos provided.

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