Sales metrics

Data Driven for real-time actionable insights 

Our analytics team provides data-driven optimizations to everything from traffic and conversion, to banner ads, SEO and SEM. Digital campaigns, properties, and experiences, like the brands they represent, must remain fresh and relevant in an ever-changing world. On-going maintenance and updates assure that your brand appears in a fresh light, on digital properties as well as search engines.

Here's how we keep everything fresh:

  • User Testing and Usability Analysis
  • Technology Audit and Analysis
  • Maintenance Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Human Experience Strategy
  • Personas Development
  • Competitive/Comparative Analysis
  • Business Requirements and Planning
  • Performance Optimization and Multivariate Testing
  • User Interface Design
  • Customer Experience Modelling
  • Website Performance Optimization
  • Backend Integration Services
  • Quality Assurance

Relevant Work

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