DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION pioneers for global brands


Since our inception in 2000, the way businesses operate has been evolving in a continuously accelerated pace. Technology has increasingly been the dominating force in the transition of every business process from an analog to a digital state. This evolution is what we call, DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

Digital transformation faces many challenges because of the change in behavior that it demands from every stakeholder. Fear of change is one of the primary blockers of progress. customedialabs can facilitate and expedite change in this new era. This stems from our ability to architect high tech business solutions coupled with our expertise in producing user centered experiences. This allows us to make the technology invisible, and the change less daunting for every constituent.

Unify Adapt



customedialabs is reinventing and revolutionizing customer experience for global brands in an increasingly digital world.

The Philosophy for a New Era

customedialabs has been working with Fortune 1000 organizations and their brands since the dawn of the digital era in the late 90s. Our tremendous body of work and experience allowed us to crystalize our philosophy around how brands can amplify their engagement in this new era. We call it the Brand Engagement Trinity™.



The new era of brand engagement is about transformative experiences. We create custom-designed solutions that transform two-dimensional brand expressions into multi-dimensional brand experiences, resulting in immersive customer engagement. We use the latest user-experience methodologies, creative techniques, and digital tools. We believe these experiences, when unified, amplify the impact of your brand.



We believe in delivering unified ecosystems that connect a brand's transformative experiences and channels while collecting individual activities in a central repository. Not only is the effectiveness of brand experiences heightened when they are unified within an ecosystem, but all digital audience interaction with your brand is instantly recorded and accessible. This level of unification and insight is the key to personalized experiences.



One size never fits all. We believe in leveraging the enormous amount of audience activity data collected within the brand ecosystem to adapt your individual customer's experience. Every experience should be as closely tailored to the needs of the user as possible. We believe adaptive experiences are central to the new era of brand engagement.

We Turn Philosophy Into Reality

Introducing the Labs: where we create marketing solutions that revolutionize how brands engage with their audience.
Our philosophy is realized by a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts whose work covers a comprehensive range of fields from strategy to technology.



After years of experience our team has grown and so has our passion for what we do. Our goal is to create memorable experiences and help brands thrive in the digital world. This translates to all of our labs disciplines working together to provide the most suitable solution to our client's needs.