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Our product development team transforms your idea into products that disrupt the status quo. We work in cross-functional teams with deep expertise in strategy, UX, UI design and development that has completed product development projects for Fortune 500 companies. customedialabs is your end-to-end digital partner for your next product launch.

Product Lifecycle Management

customedialabs creates and commercializes your next digital product idea.

Product & Digital Experience Design

We can transform your idea or business need into an MVP for performing user-tests and accelerate the product launch. We’re lean and iterative in our approach for delivering maximum value while reducing risk for our customers.

Product Realization Process

Our team has 10+ year experience in design and delivering complex digital solutions to clients from a wide range of industries. From Healthcare to Financial Services, or even our own event sales enablement platform, momencio, we can transform your business needs into digital experiences.


The final step of new product development is the actual launch to the market. Our experts help you create an actionable marketing plan that create awareness and revenue for your newly created product through a variety of demand generation techniques.


We have done a lot of work for a lot of people. Let's sit down and have a conversation about how we can help you.

SaaS - momencio


momencio is an end-to-end platform that focuses on facilitating and accelerating sales that originate from leads captured at tradeshows.

Capture leads by scanning a badge or a business card. Qualify them through customized questionnaires and add notes to create enriched lead profiles. Export your event leads in spreadsheets.

Present digital collateral. Engage attendees with interactive quizzes and display the results real-time on your booth monitors.

Customize momencio app using your brand elements or combine the advantage of momencio's features and insights with your own branded app.

Automatic email follow ups to your tradeshow attendees after your presentation ends.

Send personalized emails or schedule your follow-up email for delivering to prospects at the right time.

Select the digital collateral your attendee was interested in and send an email with a link to a personalized microsite.

Dashboards with real-time data about events. Compare the effectiveness of each event and measure ROI. Follow attendees' activity and get alerts as each of your leads opens their microsites.

Ability to integrate with events' registration databases, your website forms, your CRM and Marketing Automation platform.

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Wellness - Destination You

Destination You

A premium application service that aims to inspire people to become physically active. This service connects to a physical device, a pedometer that counts steps taken throughout the day, and automatically uploads the data to the online application. We created a virtual walking tour through a variety of countries and cities in order to connect and elevate the user's real world exercise experience.

Points, leaderboards, badges and progress bars were used to display and track the users' performance, as well as other UI elements commonly found in games to motivate users to reach their goal.

Pages with cultural information about each city that is being virtually toured, have been included, to make the experience educational as well as fun.

The exercise program calendar serves to keep the user on a program, while also allowing the option of manually adding any extra activity that wasn't previously scheduled.

Personalized progress charts were filterable by day, week or month so that users could view their achievements both daily and throughout time.

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Wellness - Fat Duel

Fat Duel

Design and develop a web application for users that want to loose weight by inviting or challenging others to contests. Users can challenge themselves, another user or a team and they set rewards and penalties for reaching or missing their goal.

We built a responsive web application using ruby on rails.

Users can invite or challenge others to contests by entering their email or they can join any public contest they like.

Email notifications are sent to the users for invitations to contests and results, or when they need to weigh in for contest.

The participants of each contest can view how other members perform against the goal through interactive charts.

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Ruby on Rails

Wellness - My Active Life

My Active Life

Relaunch of an application that would encourage employees of client companies to manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle through a fun, easy and motivational application.

All user activities are organized in a calendar format, with advanced features for a daily overview of activities and goals. User can manually record completed and unscheduled activities.

A highly visible progress bar keeps users informed about the flow of their activities and provides motivation to continue exercising and using the product. Also activity charts show the progress that users made daily and throughout time.

Users can watch exercise videos by choosing type, level, instructor or other criteria, view daily healthy dishes and motivational messages.

The One-on-One or Team challenges and competitions motivates users to work-out more and consistently.

Users get notifications on upcoming activities and schedules by SMS or email.

Technologies & Platforms: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, TYPO3

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