Genomind Branding

The Challenge

One of the upcoming leaders in the personalized medicine industry needed a creative rebranding in order to create awareness
around the national launch of their new core product.

  • Meetings with Client
  • Demonstration of the Real Product
  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Solution

The Solution

Through an extensive discovery process, we worked closely with the stakeholders of the company to audit and understand the essence of their brand. With that knowledge in mind we started architecting the core branding and messaging to visualize and position the new image.

The Product

The Product Explore the Mind About Genomind

The digital brand was expressed through a microsite in order to present our client's revolutionary product in a visually appealing manner. With its straight-forward navigation, the microsite introduced the product to a targeted medical audience through an engaging presentation.

Expand the Branding

Because the product was new to the market we created branding that could easily be extended to all aspects of its presentation. We designed and developed brochures to be consistent with the microsite in order to build a unifying experience throughout all promotional efforts and to strengthen the brand's identity.

Company Overview

Event Experience

Part of our client’s business plan was to promote and speak about their product at national and local events and conferences. We designed and developed a tradeshow experience to allow them to communicate and reveal their brand essence. An important aspect of this experience was the brand-consistent images and messaging that served to maintain an undeviating look and feel, and therefore increase a sense of reliability in the brand for the target audience.

New Product, New Look

The final touch to the branding was designing the product packaging, which carried the new branding through the entire product experience.