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The Challenge

One of customedialabs' clients, a pioneer in corporate wellness programs, wanted to redesign and reorganize their premium application service that aims to inspire people to become physically active. This service connects to a physical device, a pedometer that counts steps taken throughout the day, and automatically uploads the data to the online application.

  • Meetings with Clients
  • Demonstration of the Real Product
  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Solution

Our Solution

Having extensive experience in delivering inspiring online solutions, we developed a multidimensional, rich digital application that connects the real world to the virtual world and motivates users to complete their tasks.



Know the World

We created a virtual walking tour through a variety of countries and cities in order to connect and elevate the user's real world exercise experience. A virtual passport allows the user to see their progress in a concrete yet creative manner which was designed to provide additional motivation.

1.The user wears the tracker and his activity (the number of his steps) is tracked.

2.This number is automatically sent to the application and is converted to steps within the virtual world.

3.The user''s actual steps are represented as virtual trips around the globe.




Trophies, Destinations
Dashboard, My Achievements,
Send a Postcard,
Total Steps

Our Process

After meeting with the client, we explored the functionality of the product, its target audience, and how to ultimately improve engagement and adoption of the service. Through our creative process we conceptualized a highly complex, yet easy to use web application that adapted to the individual experience of each user over time.

Motivational and Informative

We used points, leaderboards, badges, progress bars to display and track the users' performance, and other UI elements commonly found in games to motivate users to reach their goal. We also designed pages to include cultural information about each city that is being virtually toured to make the experience educational as well as fun. Lastly, our research of user psychology led us to include vivid background colors, which help focus the individual's attention on the interaction area.

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Personal Data

Fitness is personal and people really like to keep track of their progress and their performance while feeling in control of their schedule. In order to fullfill those needs and add some variety, we ensured that personalized progress charts were filterable by day, week or month so that users could view their achievements both daily and throughout time. In addition, the exercise program calendar serves to keep the user on a program, while also allowing the option of manually adding any extra activity that wasn't previously scheduled. This flexibility makes the application even more adaptable to each individual's needs.