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Shaping a trend, transforming a brand & building a market.

Hungry Donkey captivates London appetites

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Creating a brand as mouth watering as its product.

Hungry Donkey transformed Greek street cuisine by re-working traditional favorites in a funky communal environment. But first, they needed a brand to bring it to life. Enter customedialabs.

Hungry Donkey Brand

New / Real / Delicious

Our research never tasted so good. The conversations among the owner and customedialabs flowed like the Greek craft beers and small-batch wines. Simple savory Greek street food using locally sourced ingredients and served on long, communal tables; Hungry Donkey needed to turn Greek cuisine on its head for London's palate to take note.

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Consistent, Impactful Brand Application

From your voice mail message to your logo, from facets of your brand you can control, to things you can't, everything adds up to create brand tone, feel and personality. Hungry Donkey's playful, light, modern tone set the stage for the restaurant atmosphere, where casual, funky decor is tempered by unexpected dishes that steal the show.

Hungry Donkey Menu
The Story

Defining the Brand

  • Greek
  • British
  • Authentic
  • Fresh
  • Source Local
  • Curious
  • Contemporary

customedialabs crafts the story that your brand wants to tell and makes it relevant to your target audience. Hungry Donkey is always creating, curious and willing to take chances, but always cognizant of its Greek heritage and the Greek way of serving food, creating an atmosphere, and welcoming friends and strangers with open arms.


An Ever-Evolving Brand

Hungry Donkey and every brand is a living, organic being, and as such, it must work to remain relevant in a world that never slows down. Just as Hungry Donkey's menu changes with the seasons, so does the brand tone and feel need to be adjusted. When was the last time you revisited your brand tone, relevance, and its place in the world?

Tastes from Greece

Tastes from Greece

Redefined in London

Redefined in London

Social Channels

Responsive Experience

At customedialabs, our digital platforms are device agnostic: we serve up content where and when people need and consume that content.

Responsive Website

Next time you're in London's East End, visit Hungry Donkey. If you're outside the UK, visit the website, but NOT if you're hungry.

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