Advanced Web Presence

The Challenge

A client that provides temporary and long term space solutions needed us to elevate their current presence on the web while improving their overall brand perception. They also wanted their customers to be able to experience their brand in a high quality and engaging digital format.


Our Solution

To go beyond a mere redesign and deliver the best possible solution for our client, we went through an extensive discovery process that included creating user personas and in-depth market analysis. We also created a comprehensive e-strategy for the launch, resulting in an industry-leading web destination that utilizes the digital medium's true potential for storytelling and driving user response.

Architecting the Experience

Our user experience team, inspired by this challenge, immersed themselves in organizing and architecting the next generation of a large corporate website. We used various techniques, from content auditing to understand the client's universe, to sitemaps and wireframes to create the underlying framework that would support e-commerce and e-marketing needs. We also built a solid technical and structural foundation by using modular architectural components, allowing for future flexibility and growth.

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Designing the Details

The old adage "the devil is in the details" holds especially true when designing a complex online destination. Our talented design team takes a highly-detailed approach when crafting custom solutions that elevate brands and drive users to act. Items from the interface, such as buttons, menus, video players, accordions and other design patterns are formed before they are implemented and coded.

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Mega Menu
360 Product View

Engineering the Solution

Our engineers architected and developed an enterprise level content management system that connects all the various components, rich content, features and databases that empower the brand to be successful over time. This CMS also enabled all content to be accessible across a range of digital platforms.

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