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The Challenge

Due to the increase of visits from mobile devices to their corporate website, our client turned to us to help them optimize their content and implement a digital effort. They needed an ongoing strategy to help navigate the digital world through different platforms while capturing market share and increasing sales.

  • 1. Meetings with Client
  • 2. Demonstration of the Real Product
  • 3. Research & Data Analysis
  • 4. Brainstorming
  • 5. Solution
Key Visuals - iphone app

Our Solution

We created an innovative mobile site that would engage customers and entice new ones through the easy to use structure. Since the users were mostly interested in the company's products, we organized the mobile version of the website using a hierarchy for the layout according to the visitor's needs and requests.

Walls Before Wallpaper
From Conception to Reality

Adhering to the global standards for designing mobile applications, our team worked through an extensive user-centered design process. Using sketches and wireframes we were able to structure, test and validate the effectiveness of the mobile experience.

Focus on the Product

To help users get directly to the information they wanted, we created a homepage that displayed all of our client's products and broke them out into categories for easy navigation. We utilized a flexible architecture as our client is a growing company and often has new features to present.


Product List View

Product Presentation

User-friendly and Technologically Supported

With our ability to create custom designs for mobile devices, our team used best practices to provide an easy-to-use navigation experience. Highly interactive features such as 360° product explorations were adapted for and supported on all website platforms.

Visuals that Connect

Following the branding philosophy that was designed for the corporate website, we extended the style guide to the mobile presence in order to create consistency between the two platforms.

Integrated Technology and Content Management

We integrated existing technology with their web presence, creating an effective mobile platform that was able to provide the users results at high speed. The entire project required a high level of support which was provided through various technologies. These included the TYPO3 CMS for the back end as well as HTML, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery for the front end.

Search Engine

Google Maps