The Challenge

One of our clients, a leading diagnostic company, wanted to introduce a new product at a large international conference. This introduction entailed providing an innovative and exciting way to connect with their audience at the event in order to accurately measure their reactions.




event theme strategy

Our Solution

Our answer to this challenge was to design a brand architecture for this new product and create an e-detailing event platform. The platform was designed to gather feedback and provide a personalized digital experience for attendees in order for our client to gain valuable insights to further develop their product strategy.

Branded Theme Designs

After our creative team's deep immersion into the new product's valuable features we created an experience theme for the upcoming product. To maintain brand consistency, we designed all visuals using only those color schemes found within the client's new brand theme. In this way we created a cohesive and engaging experience for attendees trying to navigate the busy show floor.

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Adaptive Architecture

Our skilled development team designed an adaptive application for use across multiple devices. Our focus was on architecting a user-friendly interface to decrease training costs of representatives in the field and providing the highest quality user experience for potential customers.

Product Presentation

Customer Questionnaire

Analysis & Reports

Branded Tradeshow Booth

We also designed a tradeshow booth using consistent images and messaging in order to maintain an overall consistent look and feel, and therefore increase the sense of reliability in the brand.

Telling a Story

In order to reflect our client's history and successes throughout the years, we designed a storyboard with brand consistent colors to tie the past to the present.