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The Ecosystem Approach

Trade shows, conventions and events in general have traditionally been isolated from the rest of a brand’s sales and marketing ecosystem.
Our momencio™ connects your event program to other channels, and raises their value as a result. Read on to see how…

Event sales

Multi-Channel Insights

(Yes, as a result of your event program)

Ever wonder just how impactful your event presence was? You can measure, in real-time, analytics on the event floor and levels of engagement in email and online against those you’ve captured. Your event is just the beginning…

momencio analytics

momencio application

Powerful Stories, Powerful Experiences

Transformative content tells a story, and the activity data behind it tells a story as well. When the two are coupled with lead acquisition, you can begin to build a profile of customers and prospects. Our momencio™ can then continue the conversation by sending digital assets in real-time, and automatically creating personalized microsites for your prospects to experience. Now you part ways with a well-defined and executed next step in the relationship.

Rich Show-Floor Experiences

Lead acquisition

Lead acquisition

Digital Asset Presentation

Digital Asset Presentation

Transformative Content

Transformative Content

Real-time Asset Delivery

Real-time Asset Delivery

Build Personal Relationships with your Audience

Just because the event is over, doesn’t mean you should forget about the prospects you met there. momencio™ takes over with real-time email and personalized microsites with requested digital assets and collateral. Whether from their desktop, tablet or smartphone device, your prospect can see the assets they’ve requested. And the best part… complete analytics across the event, email and online channels at the individual customer level.


Real-time Customized HTML Emails


Real-time Custom Microsites


Real-time Multi-Channel Insights

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