Advanced Mobile Banking for Smart Devices

Advanced Mobile Banking for Smart Devices

Last Sunday, I was home with a huge headache and a sore throat. My kids were helping the matter by loudly playing with blocks. Since I clearly wasn’t getting any rest, I logged into my online personal banking to check my account and bills. Suddenly, I saw an announcement that caught my attention.

“Advanced Mobile Banking for Smart Devices”.

“That’s great!” I thought.  I can download this application on my smartphone and check my banking anytime I want. I usually wait to check my bank accounts from home to feel safer, but now I’ll be able to access my accounts quickly on the go.

But then the ad continued:

“Smart Devices: Bank X now offers its new smart banking functionality to all users of Smartphones. To access Mobile Banking 24 hours a day visit “

WHAT? They don’t offer an application I can download? That’s odd. What are they offering then? Another URL? But I am already using a URL…

And then the ad continued:

“Mobile Banking: You only need a mobile phone with an internet browser.”


So, sadly I realized that there was no “Advanced Mobile Banking” as they mentioned on their home page. It was just another website. A mobile site, but just a website nonetheless.

Thanks a lot, Bank X!

Sometimes, just a mobile site is not enough.  An actual advanced mobile banking application would have been great. For those of us who don’t have much time (and I think that’s most of us…), an app would be a safe and secure timesaver.

I know a lot of banks around the world already have apps, but many more do not.  For banks, and any business that deals with sensitive consumer data, creating an app is a great opportunity.  Not only does an app offer your customers a useful tool, but it allows you to differentiate your business.

P.S. We at customedialabs would love to help you make your customers happy with an app!