Does Your CRM Spread the Love?

Does Your CRM Spread the Love?

Many of us know what a CRM system is. Some of us even use one in our day to day tasks. And then there are the other guys. You know who you are: the ones who live for (what seems like) the sole purpose of updating and managing your CRM.

Let’s take a step back for a second. For those of us that don’t know what CRM stands for, it’s an acronym for “customer relationship management”. It can be used to refer to a variety of strategies or technologies that companies leverage in managing customer and client relationships, but in this case I will be using it to refer to the software platforms that are built around customer relationships.

You may be familiar with some of the big names out there like Salesforce, Sugar or Microsoft Dynamics. These are certainly some of the biggest players in the space, but in our data driven world, big doesn’t always mean best. Here at customedialabs, we believe that today’s CRM systems have lost too much of their “R” and focus too much on the “M”. That’s why we created momencio. It was built to better engage your brand, track your customer interactions, and do what we think all CRM’s should do, focus on relationships.

First, Let’s take a look at how traditional CRM’s focus too much on the “management” aspect: In so many cases, we find sales professionals who spend most of their day as an administrator. Recording how many emails were sent, or noting exactly when a “lead” became a “contact”.

Some people even spend time updating a client’s internal company hierarchy. “Does knowing who exactly Joe reports to at his company help me build a lasting relationship?” Just because a system can do something doesn’t mean it should. Yes, sales are important, but when we become so entrenched in the transaction, we lose sight of what really matters. If we spend countless hours managing a system full of names and emails just to sell one widget, how does it help us in the long run?

CRM systems are great, when used the right way. On the other side of the extreme, our CRM systems sometimes become an afterthought; something we update after a sale was already made, or past the point of it actually being a useful tool to us. In this case, I would say you spent a whole lot of money on a useless piece of shiny junk. More relationship, less management.

Where do we find our balance between transaction and relationship, between a product being a hindrance or an afterthought? How can we get more out of the relationships we build? momencio is designed to track customer engagement, interaction with your brand and response to campaigns, emails and website visits.

It takes the requirement for administration and data management and automates it, allowing you more time to focus on the important part, the relationship with the customer. Let’s talk about how momencio can help. Email Chris at or visit us at and