What Everybody Ought to Know About eDetailing

What Everybody Ought to Know About eDetailing

Did you come here to get tips for creating a highly successful eDetailing campaign? Or to read about the latest innovations in eDetailing?

We’ll get to that.  Very soon!  (I promise.) But not today.

Today, I want to establish a definition for eDetailing and explain exactly what it is.  I know, it sounds tedious, but don’t X this tab just yet!

The truth is, when I started working at customedialabs, I had never heard the term eDetailing before.  (Gasp! I know. )  Luckily for me, the rest of the team at customedialabs are eDetailing experts! So, they got me caught up in no time.

Now that I’ve sucked all the knowledge from their brains like a marketing zombie, I’d love to start talking about how great I think it is and some of the awesome things we are doing with it here, BUT – I think it’s important that we all start at the same place.

With a really good definition.

Piece by piece

Let’s start with the word ‘detailing’.  When I think of the word ‘detailing’, I think of car detailing.  And how my car is really dirty and could use a good detailing.  And how I really shouldn’t leave all my shoes in the car because I have a closet for that.

So, it’s actually a different kind of detailing.

Detailing, as a sales term means providing details about a product.  Detailing includes fact sheets, videos, testimonials, brochures, and anything else that is meant to be promotional. You know, the details about the product.

Then, of course, adding the letter ‘e’ to the front of a word makes it automatically cool in the ‘90s.  But it’s no longer the ‘90s, as demonstrated by the lack of plaid flannel in my wardrobe.  So it really means “electronic”.  And in the case of eDetailing, it means that all those promotional detailing materials are electronic files.

Putting it all together, eDetailing can be defined as “electronically-delivered promotional materials that provide details about a product”.

What do you think?

I know you were probably expecting something a little more deep and intellectual from this post since it’s titled “what everybody ought to know about eDetailing”.

But what everybody ought to know, before they know everything else, is a definition of what we’re talkin’ about here!  We’ll get to the deep and intellectual stuff; we have some more posts on eDetailing coming soon.

Zombies and my closet aside – what do you think of the definition?  Is there anything I am missing?  What do you want to know about eDetailing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!