4 Questions to Ask Before Building a Mobile Application

4 Questions to Ask Before Building a Mobile Application

As healthcare professionals increasingly turn to smart phones and tablets to access information on the go, mobile has evolved into one of today’s most vital marketing channels. According to a Jackson & Coker report, four out of five practicing physicians use smartphones, tablets, and several apps in their routine medical practices.

The mobile channel can give your brand limitless choices on how to communicate with your audience, detail your products and strengthen relationships with healthcare professionals, all while on the move. Keep in mind though, that the benefits of developing a mobile application can be accompanied by potential (and costly) challenges. So before you decide to ‘jump on the app bandwagon’, consider these key questions.

1. Are you clear about the goal you want your mobile application to achieve?
Carefully define your goals before starting. The success of your mobile application depends, to a large extent, on the marketing objectives you identify. Many times the pressure to ‘do something’ in mobile motivates people to design an app. That isn’t a clear goal and ultimately won’t be effective. Clarifying your expectations beforehand is a vital step to achieving mobile marketing success.

2. Does your mobile application address a real customer need?
Your mobile application must bring unique value to your audience, serving a specific purpose that they cannot achieve through your website. There are plenty of mobile applications out there that are big on bells and whistles but short on substance—and their shelf life is usually short, as well. So do your homework. Get a handle on how your customers use their devices. Determine why the mobile application is needed, then develop your app around that need.

3. Will your mobile application add value to your brand?
You also need to think about how the mobile application will contribute to your overall marketing strategy. Ask yourself, “Will this app drive business to my company? Will it help separate us from competitors?” Your mobile app is an extension of your brand, and it needs to integrate with your overall marketing strategy in order to maximize its effectiveness.

4. Are your needs best served with a mobile application or through your mobile website?
Many companies are having trouble deciding which marketing objectives would be best achieved through their mobile site and which ones require a mobile application. You need to think about how your target audience will access and experience the information. Will they experience this by themselves or will your sales force be detailing the information? Additionally, complex content and functionality require a mobile application as opposed to more simple information, which can be efficiently distributed through your mobile site.

Any successful marketing effort requires a partner that knows your business. Your industry. Your customers. And your goals. Want to know more? Visit our website and let’s talk mobile together.