5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Mobile

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Mobile

Everyone is rushing to jump on the mobile bandwagon. Mobile is a platform that we carry with us all the time which provides an invaluable opportunity for meaningful brand interaction. But, just because your brand has a mobile experience doesn’t mean it is effective.

Make the most of mobile by avoiding 5 common mistakes.

5. PURPOSE: Thinking of the Device not the Marketing Challenge: Going mobile isn’t just about the cool devices being used; it’s about solving a marketing challenge with a new platform. Businesses must create a mobile strategy by identifying marketing goals and challenges and then leveraging the technology of the device to solve these challenges by creating meaningful experiences for users.

4. AUDIENCE: Forgetting the User: Your mobile experience must deliver immediate and tangible value to its users. Your target audience is on the move, with limited time and attention span to get engaged. Get to the point with your brand’s mobile experience and keep things functional and user friendly. Put yourself in your target users’ shoes, think about what they would want to accomplish while experiencing your brand on their device.

3. CONTENT: Content Dumping: Don’t make the mistake of simply copying over traditional content and experience onto mobile. Mobile is all about key moments of engagement and contextually relevant touchpoints. Whether someone is looking to save time or kill time on their device, your brand’s mobile experience must have the appropriate content to engage the audience.

2. FUNCTIONALITY: 2 much 2 big 2 slow: Some companies try to do too much with mobile and that can have the opposite effect and will lead to poor performance. Keep in mind that mobile internet connectivity is still heavily taxed and not reliable enough for comprehensive experiences. Again, keep things light and to the point.

1. FUTURE: Not making it scalable: Your mobile presence must be built with a scalable architecture. This will enable it to continually evolve based on user feedback. Always keep in mind that mobile is still in its infancy and we have yet to experience the true potential of the platform.