The Brand Engagement Trinity™: Part One

The Brand Engagement Trinity™: Part One

Transformative Brand Experiences

At customedialabs, we believe the future of brand engagement is comprised of three tenets, the first of which is transformative brand experiences. We have developed an equation to illustrate how these tenets interact.


For this post, we will focus on the green portion of the equation, in which E stands for engagement, x is the multiplication factor, and D represents the dimensions of transformation.

The marketing landscape is undergoing a dramatic evolution. The introduction of new channels and technologies is reshaping where and how brands are expressed. Many agencies are doing a brilliant job of developing high impact creative for effective brand expressions. These amazing brand expressions, however, are built upon a two-dimensional approach.

Agencies are creating brand expressions and adjusting them according to the feedback they receive from focus groups regarding such aspects as key messaging, photography and typography. These aspects, however, are static and while they can make a cognitive impact they aren’t able to engage a consumer over a period of time. The consumers are meant to passively take in the expression, seeing it, reading it, and hearing it but not interacting with it. The result is a creative but flat brand expression that is over in the blink of an eye. What we, at customedialabs, call a two-dimensional approach to expressing a brand.

But at customedialabs, we see a different path forward for the future of brand engagement. Instead of these beautiful but flat brand expressions, we are architecting and developing amazing brand experiences.

A brand experience is a multidimensional approach that can deliver an experience that is not only extremely creative but also interactive and highly immersive, leveraging the latest user experience approaches, digital technologies and channels available. We can take brands and breathe life into them. This includes creating high-impact, interactive encounters with a brand that are hugely captivating because the user isn’t only passively taking in the information; they are actively experiencing and getting involved with the brand promise. In a world where consumers are bombarded with an ever increasing number of options, it is the brand experience that will resonate and stand out from the polyphony of flat brand expressions.

Creating the new wave of brand experiences requires a wide range of fields, from the social sciences, to arts and technology.  It is this user-focused fusion of disciplines that transforms the branding experience from a two-dimensional expression to a multidimensional experience.

Brand engagement should be an experience for the consumer, rather than a one-sided message, in order to transform the relationship between the brand and the consumer, from raising awareness about a brand to creating a connection with the brand. The amount of engagement increases the more innovative, the more dimensional a brand experience is.  This, however, is only one part of the equation.

The next step toward the future of brand engagement is concentrating the power of a transformative brand experience within an organically unified brand ecosystem. Explore this second element of our new era branding philosophy in my next post.

Welcome to the new world. Welcome to customedialabs.