The Brand Engagement Trinity™: Part Two

The Brand Engagement Trinity™: Part Two

As we discussed in our previous post, Brand Engagement Trinity: Part One, here at customedialabs we believe that the future of brand engagement is comprised of three tenets, the first of which is transformative brand experiences. We have developed an equation to illustrate how these affect brand engagement.


This post will focus on the next part of the equation (outlined in green above) in which E stands for engagement, x is the multiplication factor, D represents the number of brand experience dimensions and C is the amount of channels involved to the power of 2.


So, let’s take a look at the “channels” portion of our equation. As the number of digital channels (C) increases, so does the resulting data collected from each point of customer interaction. As we addressed in the post The Irony of Big Data, managing all of the resulting data from these channels is a constant challenge.


What does this mean for marketers? It means that the most critical marketing hurdle of the new era is handling the islands of information that are created from each and every channel. This challenge of generating massive, disparate collections of data has been intensifying due to the focus of brands, and their partner agencies, on achieving an integrated marketing approach, rather than a unified marketing approach. This focus on integrated or multi-channel marketing is resulting in big data that can’t be consolidated and therefore used effectively to deliver the actionable insights that every brand team is starving for.


At customedialabs, we have an evolved brand engagement philosophy that is based on unified marketing and not integrated marketing. We architect and deliver brand ecosystems that unify every touch point from the ground up. The beauty of the ecosystem approach is that by crafting a unified brand architecture from the beginning, you gain a complete understanding of how your brand is expressed because real-time insights help you understand how each target audience member interacts with your brand across the ecosystem.


The channels we have chosen to unify, so far, with our approach are:



A unified ecosystem approach, a mesh network of all the brand touch points mentioned above, yields high-value insights for the brand’s most critical channels that are closest to a conversion. With a unified ecosystem you are able to follow your audience across channels and continuously feed their profile with any and all interactions they have with your brand. This approach informs accurately and explicitly the sales, marketing and events teams as well as your management and executive levels.


These insights, from the individual level to the aggregate level, are the key to the future of brand engagement. Insights lead to adaptability, and that is the future we offer: one of brand experiences that are adaptable to the interests and needs of each customer. We’re making business personal again.


Unifying your brand’s channels is only the second part of our philosophy.


The next step toward the future of brand engagement is concentrating the power of a transformative brand experience within an organically unified brand ecosystem that allows you to adapt intelligently.

Explore this third element of our new era brand engagement philosophy in my next post.