Dominating in The New Era of Brand Engagement

Dominating in The New Era of Brand Engagement

As I discussed in my previous post, the future of brand engagement is digital, which is driving the transformation of the typical marketing agency model. The optimal outcome for this type of agency expansion is having creative and tech departments that not only interact at all levels of production but have some degree of cross-departmental knowledge.

The question remains, what is the future agency model that will dominate the new era of brand engagement? The answer: customedialabs.

Coming out of the eBusiness consulting world, I founded customedialabs 13 years ago primarily as a technology-focused, emerging media agency. This scientific core of software engineers and interactive developers has kept customedialabs on the forefront of the digital revolution, always leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies available.

However, customedialabs’ agency model was capable of delivering not only cutting-edge digital experiences technologically but also creatively. I have always believed that strong creative amplifies technology by delivering a well-branded solution. It’s the packaging that elevates a technically functional brand expression to a true brand experience.

Early on in the evolution of customedialabs, we recognized the amplifying power of creative design and began building a robust and deeply talented Creative Lab. As we grew, the Technology Lab and the Creative Lab collaborated at every phase of every project, delivering comprehensive marketing solutions. The result was a synergetic workflow: programmers who think creatively, and artists who can employ technical know-how into their designs.

However, for customedialabs to claim a spot in the 90th percentile of agency 2.0 players, our technology and creative labs alone would not suffice.

The ability to create truly transformative brand experiences came with the development of our third lab, the Experience Lab. The Experience Lab is the glue that fuses the work of Creative Lab and the Tech Lab into a harmonious outcome. With one foot in the creative art of User Experience and Interface Design and the other foot in the technical field of Information Architecture, our Experience Lab unifies art and science to create multidimensional brand experiences. These experiences bring the user on an interactive and artfully constructed journey through a brand’s story.

The complete fusion of these three labs is what makes customedialabs one of the top digital agencies globally. The brand experiences we create combine the best of artistic expression, digital architecture and user-centered design to transform the way brands are experienced by their target audience.
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In my next blog post, I will reveal how customedialabs is going to dominate the agency world by revolutionizing brand engagement. I will introduce our agency philosophy: the Brand Engagement Trinity.

Stay tuned.