The Era of Flux: From Chaos to Order and Back Again

The Era of Flux: From Chaos to Order and Back Again

Whether you call it the Information Age, the Digital Age or, my favorite, the Era of Flux, there is one defining characteristic of this era that comes up again and again: chaos.

Countless business and marketing articles expound on the ways to succeed in an environment of rapid change and unpredictability. They warn of former giants, like Kodak, Blockbuster, and Borders, who failed to adapt to the new market model and have either suffered greatly or collapsed. They say companies need to come to grips with the fact that unpredictability is the new normal.

What if chaos and unpredictability don’t need to be “dealt with” but are actually the avenue to opportunity and success?  What if a company is built on the foundation that a chaotic environment provides the most healthy, holistic and intense version of reality?

Without chaos, you can’t see it all. Chaos provides the opportunity to explore every possible angle and to create new ones . . . when the rules are gone, the possibilities become endless.

Take, for example, brand engagement which is inherently holistic and complex. With all the new technologies and emerging customer touch points, there is not a single model for successful brand engagement. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. This type of unpredictability has the ability to freeze a company in its tracks. This is where they fail.

Brand engagement can’t be static. The moment a company is standing still, it is descending. Brand engagement requires constant restructuring, constant reinvention and this can be chaotic. Once you pick a direction and begin building in that direction, you have to be able and willing to tear it all down and begin again.

The key is the ability to find meaningful direction amidst the chaos, but to maintain the agility needed to change direction at a moments’ notice. It is a delicate balance between the order needed for concrete creation and the chaos needed for endless opportunities.

Being an agency born from technology, we inherently have that logical balance in our core.  The pace of technological change is fueling the environment of flux, so who better
to navigate through it than an agency with a technological foundation.

This technological ability combined with an innovative creative team allows us not just to find the right direction in the chaos, we can generate new ones. In close collaboration, both these areas of expertise resulted in invention, not simply application . . . this invention is the path through the chaos.