Innovation in an Interactive Agency

Innovation in an Interactive Agency

It seems that the word innovation can be heard everywhere nowadays, from classrooms to business meetings and articles on the internet.

But what really is innovation, and how can an interactive media agency and its clients benefit from it?

As the Head of Innovation at customedialabs, I find myself thinking and brainstorming about it, often enough to devote my first blog post, writing about it.

Usually people think that innovation is all about creating new technologies, products or services, and they tend to forget the fact that it needs to address a specific need, while it creates higher value for the customer at the same time.

Take for example the case of augmented reality, the technology that enables the user to experience a real-world environment which is augmented by computer-generated input like sound and graphics. The technology to perform this task has been around since 1998, with the pioneering work of Hirokazu Kato of HIT Lab, however it wasn’t until 2009 that augmented reality started gaining traction.

It was actually the need to have more interactive and immersive applications, that can communicate a message to users more effectively by interfacing with their real-world environment, that brought augmented reality applications into the mainstream. Very early adopters that rushed to utilize this technology, back in the beginning of 2000, certainly enjoyed media and mass exposure, however failed to create real value for the client. The fad faded, only to come back very recently when the time was right.

An interactive agency should keep track of the latest technology trends, evaluating how well they can meet client expectations, speculating on when the time is right to use them and applying them to generate a well branded experience and a strong ROI.

That is exactly the mission of the customedialabs Innovation Lab.

This slice of the customedialabs blog is going to be about our experiments, views and opinions on emerging technologies that client brands can benefit from, as a byproduct of customedialabs’ expertise in building digital brand expressions that work.

Welcome to customedialabs Innovation Lab, our in-house R&D playground that envisions, designs, implements and showcases technologies that can future-proof your brand.

Yanis Pavlidis – Head of Innovation – customedialabs