5 Tips For Creating a Digital Brand Experience

5 Tips For Creating a Digital Brand Experience

It feels like yesterday that I joined customedialabs as its Creative Director – but it was 2006.  I’ve been working in this space since the beginning of the digital revolution; even before customedialabs, I had thirteen years of experience in the digital space.

So much has happened in that time.

I’ve worked on a myriad of brands over the years.  Depicting a brand accurately has always been a huge challenge.  In addition, many brands struggle to generate the right business return on investment while building brand equity. But the primary question then was the same as it is now:

How do we properly express a brand in the digital space?

New technologies and digital media have enhanced the ability of brands to interact with their audiences.  These digital brand experiences build brand promises in the form of a clear idea, a value proposition or an actual connection to their audience. Today, the audience may only be in touch with your digital presence and not your traditional presence.

At customedialabs, we focus on these five areas to create a complete digital brand experience for our clients:

  1. create a brand strategy
    A brand needs to deliver on its promise. So what is your brand promising?  Why do your customers choose your products and services? Why don’t they choose your competitor? What makes them pay more? These are just a few of the many questions that you need to answer if you really want to understand your audience. A digital brand experience will lead to results when it’s tied to a clear brand strategy.
  2. remember the user experience
    It’s not about you or your company.  It’s about the user.  In a digital brand experience, a brand interacts with users at every stage, from awareness to trial to purchase.  It is important that brands consider their users’ needs and goals, because the users’ experience is a direct reflection on your brand.
  3. keep a digital brand portfolio
    We help our clients create digital sales portfolios that showcase their products. A digital portfolio allows you to deliver a consistent brand experience across multiple platforms.  We recommend that your digital portfolio also include marketing tools and statistics tracking to be a complete closed loop marketing system.
  4. be social
    With the explosion of social media, your brand needs to be involved.  Your customers are already talking about your brand on social channels. A good social media plan can embrace that discussion.  Branding your employees is also critical to your social image. Hopefully, your employees are inspired by your brand, want to communicate with it and be part of it.  It is equally important to listen to what people are saying about your brand.  With “buzz monitoring” tools, you can monitor conversations that are taking place.
  5. make a compelling digital experience
    In other words, don’t be boring. Everyday, there are new choices of technologies available to us. Using the latest innovations can create new and interesting brand connections, optimized for the digital landscape. The use of these technologies can be functional or emotional, but they should always be compelling. Brand and technology are the new design experience.

Creating a digital brand experience is a shifting challenge.  As technologies and user experience standards change, it only becomes more complex. Hopefully, these five tips can help you to start to think about the subject.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!