Top 5 Resolutions for your Digital Health

Top 5 Resolutions for your Digital Health

We’re only a few days into the new year, and it’s not too late to add to your list of resolutions.  Now is a great time to take a look at your brand’s digital health and aim to get it in the best shape of its life!

1. Make your website stronger

The strength of a website isn’t measured by the number of flashy graphics it has or by the volume of content it holds.  It is measured by how hard it works to meet your goals.  Does it drive users to purchase your product? Does it encourage users to sign up for your brand newsletter?  Does it hook your readers with engaging content and branded apps?  Whatever your goal may be, make sure your website is helping you meet it.

2. Flex your mobile muscles

How is your brand or product’s mobile web presence?  Hopefully, you have one.  And hopefully, you have one that is optimized and produced specifically for your mobile user.  (If not, here’s some extra reading for you.) The needs of a mobile user are different from a desktop user. Take some time in the new year to make sure your mobile site best represents your brand.

3. Make your brand look better

Does your brand need a facelift?  A style update?  Or maybe even a complete makeover?   Make 2012 be the year that your brand looks its best!  There are easy ways to keep the look and feel of your brand while still keeping it fresh.  Get a consultation – you might be surprised by how much better it can look.

4. Reach new limits with social media

There is only so far you can reach with one-way communication.  Social media is a two-way conversation, enabling you to speak directly with your customers, and hear everything they are saying.  Social media is certainly not new in 2012, but there are new ways to make the most of it.  Take a good look at what you are doing, and think about how you might be able to stretch it even further.

5. Keep your mind sharp by tracking your data

With all of this talk about fitness and beauty, it’s important that we don’t neglect the brains behind your brand: data.  Did you notice that both Facebook Insights and Google Analytics updated their tracking tools this year?  It might be time for a refresher.  Spend some time with your numbers and see what you might be missing.

Your brand’s digital health is important; don’t neglect it in the new year!  And if you think your brand could use a personal trainer, we’re standing by.