Where We Are Today – A Recalibration

Where We Are Today – A Recalibration

It has been two years since I ventured into the blogosphere and during that time customedialabs has remained fundamentally unchanged and has completely transformed. It is an exciting time here and, even better, there are big things on the horizon for us.

So, what about customedialabs has endured the transformation of the last two years?  The short answer is our core philosophy. Central to this philosophy is the mission to create multidisciplinary, technology-heavy brand expressions that move businesses forward in the new era.

We have entered the Age of Flux, where the pace of change requires agility, flexibility and the capacity to succeed in an unpredictable environment. The core principles of customedialabs are built for this challenge. A multidisciplinary agency is now more important than ever. What better way to prepare for uncertainty than to build a team with the dexterity to utilize all possibilities when approaching brand engagement? And we have spent the last two years building a team of superheroes.

We are now double the size we were in 2011. Not only has the number of employees doubled but we have greatly expanded our European headquarters in order to accommodate for even more growth. The addition of so many uniquely innovative individuals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds has deepened the creative reservoir of customedialabs, making us more agile and multidimensional than ever.

This expansion has also allowed us to tackle more projects and expand our list of clients, which now includes the biggest company in the world, Exxon Mobil as well as Edwards Lifesciences, Ethicon, Genomind, Lincoln Financial Group, just to name a few.

At customedialabs, we have built an agency that will not only endure the uncertainty of the Age of Flux, but will thrive in it. When architecting for a brand we aren’t just considering all the existing possibilities, we are creating new ones. This is how we are making the future a little less unpredictable, by creating our own future. We aren’t just a player anymore; we are reinventing the game. . .