10 Hints for an Effective Holiday Social Media Campaign

10 Hints for an Effective Holiday Social Media Campaign

Every holiday social media campaign can flourish this time of year, as it entices customers closer to your brand. Whether you’re aiming just to wish a “Happy New Year” or are looking to up sales, you should invest in the power of social networks to increase commerce and strengthen the social bond between your company and its audience.

Remember to stay on brand. Don’t shoehorn your brand into a certain campaign that is outside of the brand’s positioning or personality for the sake of using a new app or other shiny object.

Holiday social media campaigns are not all about your products and services, but about the festive spirit! Maximize the impact of your holiday social media campaign by adding user-generated content that will drive deeper connections with fans. Most people today tend to ignore ads, but the holiday season is a golden opportunity to relate to the audience using your services.


Firstly, identify the campaign type best suited to your company’s holiday goals. Then, think about and design the significant visual elements of your festive social media campaign to augment conversion. Social networks bring to life all of your joyful messages and let your audience see the integrity of your brand.






The best things to include in your holiday social media campaign across social networks are:

  1. Jolly holiday-themed cover photos on Facebook and Twitter (and other social media).
  2. Your own festive hashtag.
  3. Holiday images which go beyond expected photos of Santa Claus and snowflakes to show something more eye-catching.
  4. Holiday themed memes, designed to attract attention.
  5. Funny quotes about the holidays.
  6. Surprise countdowns with different messages or photos each day on social media.
  7. Jovial YouTube videos.
  8. Create merry puzzle photos on Instagram! Let your audience guess the final photo by connecting the pieces.
  9. Invite your audience to help you with something. Last Halloween, the brand Oreo made a series of short videos showcasing a host of cute nomster” creations created in the Oreo Laboratorium. Fans were encouraged to go to Oreo’s Facebook page and name these adorable nomsters”. After selecting winning submissions each day, Oreo created new digital content to announce the chosen name.
  10. Ask your audience! Create posts on social media asking people about their happiest Christmas memory, their favorite holiday food or the best gift they have ever received.