Brand Engagement Trinity™: Part Three

Brand Engagement Trinity™: Part Three

In the final installment of the Brand Engagement Trinity™ I will address the last of the three tenets: adaptation. In our equation illustrating the interaction of the Brand Engagement Trinity™, E stands for engagement, x is the multiplication factor, D represents the number of brand experience dimensionsC is the number of channels, and the power of 3 represents adaptation.




In parts one and two of the Brand Engagement Trinity™ series, we explored the power of transformative brand experiences and how unifying the channels through which these experiences occur are the first crucial steps toward marketing gold.

That gold is adaptive marketing. In the digital era, the number of brand touch points seems to be increasing at a fast pace. Consumers are being bombarded with messages from push marketing campaigns which eventually can leave the consumer indifferent to the intended effects of mass advertising. These days, it takes more to make an impact. It takes an adaptive, personalized approach.

Every consumer logically knows they are one individual in a group of thousands or millions, depending on a brand’s target audience. But what if you could directly speak to what an individual consumer is interested in? How much more would a consumer be willing to engage with a brand if the marketing approach was both intelligent and personalized? The vast number of studies shows that the answer is enormously more likely. Nowadays, consumers don’t just appreciate personalization; they are coming to expect it.

However, achieving truly adaptive marketing is impossible without in-depth activity metrics on the individual level across many brand touchpoints, as discussed in The Brand Engagement Trinity™: Part Two. Once the channels of a brand are unified and all the individual level metrics are gathered in a central repository, actionable insights can be pulled from the data. These insights are the key to an adaptive approach. They are the difference between blind marketing and knowing exactly what asset an individual viewed, where, when and for how long. It means knowing the exact path an individual has taken through your brand ecosystem at the very time they did it. It means real-time, intelligent, brand engagement insights.

Adaptive marketing also means quality over quantity. It means addressing the needs of the individual audience member rather than mass messaging. It’s an entirely different approach to marketing, so why do it? Simply put, adaptive marketing increases consumer engagement, loyalty and ultimately, increases conversion rates.

At customedialabs, we don’t just philosophize about the future of brand engagement, we deliver it. Our Brand Ecosystem Platform™ is the embodiment of the Brand Engagement Trinity™ and has the power to revolutionize the way a brand engages its audience.

Stay tuned for an in-depth view of the Brand Ecosystem Platform™ in action.