Closed-Loop Marketing is Like a Good Cupcake

Closed-Loop Marketing is Like a Good Cupcake

True fact:  not all cupcakes are good.

Some are dry and crumbly.  Some are dense and oily.  Still, others are completely devoid of flavor.  For something so wonderful, there really are a lot of ways to screw them up.

But there are also a lot of ways to make them better.

Through force-feeding my coworkers an elaborate customer feedback system, I’ve discovered that European style-butter and Madagascar vanilla make frosting taste richer.  I also learned that only filling the liners 2/3 of the way up makes them prettier, and makes more people eat them.  After a few batches, I finally created it – an irresistible recipe for the perfect cupcake.

Well, that’s great, you say.  Now, why on earth am I telling you about this on customedialabs’ blog?

Because perfecting a cupcake recipe happens to be a fantastic example of closed-loop marketing.

No, really.

Perfecting a recipe and closed loop marketing are both about using customer feedback to create a better product, a better experience, and a happier customer.

Customer feedback is the key to making your product irresistible.

Engage with your customer.   Learn about them.  Record their every move.   Adjust your approach.   Repeat.  Yes, it will make you seem like a stalker.  But that’s ok.

If you make your goal “feeding happy customers” and think of closed-loop marketing as a system for tweaking your recipe, you can’t go wrong.

Of course, if it doesn’t work, you can always try bribing them with cupcakes.  I’ve got a good recipe.

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