Top Four Tips for Creating a Social Media Strategy

Top Four Tips for Creating a Social Media Strategy

Social media has become one of the most prominent channels for brand expressions. At customedialabs, we advise our clients that before they jump into social media, a strong strategy must be in place. Here are some SMS tips we swear by:

1. Define Objectives and Goals
First, it’s important to define who will own social media. Ideally a company will work together to create content and hone the brand voice through these channels. Next, define your goals and objectives. For example “improve brand identity through social media channels- increase followers and brand mentions.”

2. Know Your Audience
It’s common sense, but knowing your audience and what channels they utilize most is extremely important. Develop a list of social media sites where you can potentially engage with your audience.

3. Join the Conversation
Now that you have the research done, reach out to your audience. Social media is NOT just about getting thousands and thousands of people to follow you, it’s about creating meaningful relationships through these channels.

4. Measure Your Results
When it comes to measuring social media, it takes a collective of metrics and trending reports to get a sense of what to improve. Social Media Management tools, such as HootSuite, provide analytics you can utilize. Assess your goals and compare them with the results.